May 22, 2019

How does an artist respond when working with untrained participants?

Lyndsey Gilmour, 30

‘Dennis Noble, Naomi Leckie, Linzi Harrow, Lyndsey Gilmour’ is a painting that has been produced from an Aberdeen City Council funded project entitled Shuffle, which focused on the interdisciplinary research between the nature of illusion and authorship found within the Art forms of Theatre and Painting. Both are concerned with the suspension of belief that takes place; suggesting that what we are seeing is a plausible reproduction of reality.

Holding drawing workshops with untrained participants, ranging from 14 – 70 years of age, I set up a discussion between the trained and untrained hand by making paintings based on their drawings, breaking down the hierarchies of learning by inviting conversation and a discussion that all participants engage with and learn from. This project challenged my own practice as a painter, as I took on the role of a facilitator, director or producer of art, working to restrictions and no longer developing paintings on my own terms. It also attempted to widen audiences for Fine Art in Aberdeen, through the exhibition of all drawings and selected paintings, at the Look Again Project Space, in May 2019.

Dennis Noble, Naomi Leckie, Linzi Harrow, Lyndsey Gilmour
Oil on steel,
65 x 40 x 0.01cm