January 31, 2022

How Does a Typical Day Feel When You’ve Fallen Through the Cracks?

Olie Martin

PoetryHalls of Residence., 2021

Much has been said in relation to the socioeconomic issues of the modern era, of how communities have been left behind and how people struggle to get by. Politicians and pundits make careers out of analysing these issues or drafting policies which attempt to remedy them. The piece of work I’m entering isn’t a criticism of those people, although I do have a personal, political stance (Yes/socialist). Rather, it is a work of poetry that captures a day within the life of a person who has fallen through those cracks.

In this piece, the reader will experience life in a hostel for the homeless in southwest Scotland, with imagery that contrasts the beauty and richness of the landscape, its people and the opportunities that the nation itself has, with the brutal, dark and dangerous reality that some hidden citizens experience. Fortunately, I got out of there and my life improved but I will never forget the despair that one could fall into, yet all the while, there was hope. I hope that the reader can pick up on the beauty and the hope, even in place that could seem like hell on earth.