October 13, 2021

How Does a Person Overcome Hardships for the Betterment of Their Mental Well-Being?

Lauren Hutton

PoetryThe Floating Bee, 2021

The message of the poem is to raise awareness for mental as well as physical health and the correlation between the two. It uses nature, specifically Bees’ as a metaphor for our human experience and struggles. We are the bees, caught in a cycle that can wear us down. The hollow expresses the idea of a space where we can still our minds and replenish our energy. In the piece I wished to convey how there is a stigma but that we shouldn’t be afraid of what seems like an empty dark space or “hollow”. My work takes influence from nature and our spiritual connection with our environment. I believe that we can learn from our surroundings and improve our human experience by observing the small details. Like the bees collecting the pollen, pollen is so small and insignificant but if it weren’t collected, the growth our environment would start to slow and become barren. These small things might seem insignificant to us but in essence every small step matters and I think as humans we can learn from that understanding.