How To Rest On a Rainbow, 2020

We are a nation of pet lovers and dogs play a huge part of our lives and families. How do we cope when they have to leave us and how do we help our children cope with that? I wanted to bring a completely new mindset to pet bereavement and make something that is a big subject seem not scary, in fact I want it to be heartwarming and special. Children aren’t dumb so we shouldn’t treat them that way, we should help them understand the difficult parts of life in a gentle way. My aim is to be the voice for children I needed when I was young. I also want it to be all inclusive so have made it dyslexia, ASD and visional impairment friendly. Adults and children should love reading together and enjoy the adventures together and my aim with this was to allow healing for all in the family as well as show the importance of literature in the home.