September 17, 2018

How Does A Chronic Illness Affect You?

Rhiannon Walsh, 24

My zine entitled The Chronic Project is a collection of poems, photographs and accounts from 15 contributors suffering from long-term health conditions including chronic pain and fatigue. The zine aims to capture and celebrate the stories that are not often heard and challenges the stereotypes associated with chronic illnesses. The zine features work surrounding conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Tourettes, Crohn’s Disease and many others and aims to highlight these conditions and the people living with them. I was inspired to put together this zine after my own experience with ME and chronic pain and seeing such limited accounts on long-term conditions both in the mainstream media and within creative industries. Thanks to The Hunter Foundation I was able to put an open call out for submissions and I was particularly interested in hearing from young people, those who identify as LGBT+ or BME and those who are under/ unemployed to allow this zine to feature rich and diverse stories. I hope this zine allows anyone suffering from their health to feel less alone and challenges the stigma surrounding illness and the thousands of people in Scotland currently suffering from chronic health conditions, pain and fatigue.