VideoPerspective, 2018n/a

In this short experimental film, Perspective, I wanted to create a film that allows the viewer to explore their own internal emotions and question the way in which we see the world. I wanted to create a film that does not focus on specific things or one specific subject, but rather a film that forces the viewer to search their own mind and emotions about what they are seeing. I wanted to invoke memories and feelings in viewers from the sequence of shots in the montage but also give them a perspective of everyday things in a way they had never seen. I wanted to express the beauty of the ordinary while tapping into the viewer’s own sense of self and perspective.
The quote I based this film upon by Henry David Thoreau was the concept I wanted to capture for this film and the best way of accomplishing my aims stated above. I wanted people to view the montage and focus about what their own perspective of each shot is; how it makes them feel and what memories it brings back for them. That is the film’s purpose.