March 30, 2021

How Do You Remember Me?

Laura Lees

Embroidery / TextilesPinboard: Postcards from Edinburgh, 2020900cm x 600cm

Pinboard: Postcards from Edinburgh. Being from Edinburgh, renowned for the medieval and neoclassical architecture you usually see on tourist postcards, I’m drawn to its modernist buildings. After 27 years in London, these pieces rekindle the relationship with my home city, while also celebrating Scotland’s sometimes overlooked mid-century architectural gems. For me, postcards symbolise a moment of thought or a quick message. It’s often how architecture is considered. A fleeting glance then moving on. The time-consuming process of freehand machine embroidery turns this notion on its head, resulting in a collection of detailed and crafted moments spent with a number of Scotland’s modernist buildings; the Royal Commonwealth Pool, the University Library, Lloyds Building, both by Sir Basil Spence’s and Torness Power Station situated 30 miles east of Edinburgh. I hope to draw attention to the care and love that is nourished by keeping in contact with a loved one from afar. A city memory, a private message for all to see, spontaneously pinned to a notice board. The embodiment of relationships nurtured over time.