April 30, 2021

‘How Do You Re-Connect With Nature?’

Gordon Baxter


The pandemic has changed our perception of Nature. Many say they’ve re-connected with Nature, but what does that really mean? Tramping the highways and byways during daily exercise isn’t re-connecting with Nature. How many people stopped to smell the flowers? And learned their names? And observed bees and butterflies as they pollinated them? And learned which flowers attract which pollinators? And how our food depends on these pollinators? All these things are connected, and the consequences of the actions we take can make or break these connections. The Natural World can be both amazing and breath-taking. Although climate change and biodiversity loss are devastating, pressing problems, we can still all make a difference through the small actions we take as individuals. When was the last time you helped a declining butterfly to escape from a spider’s web? But we have to act fast, and we need to start yesterday. And we need to begin by taking a little time, every day, to empathise and to understand Nature, rather than just look. Only in that way can we truly re-connect with Nature and help it to help us to survive.