January 6, 2020

How do you measure emotional pain and is it universal or subjective?

Jacqueline Carter Brown, 57

How can emotional pain be so vast when you are so little? That it can reduce you to nothing yet throw you into a vortex, so enormous, beyond time and space. Thoughts, feelings struggling to be put into words, the silent scream for help. It feels like no-one is listening. In this moment the only thing is pain. Blue swirls upon a vivid red background, symbolic of a screaming face. Curled up shapes taking you back to a place of safety, a Mother’s womb. Everything rushes past in a pounding heartbeat, life, family, friends, hopes and dreams. Leaving you with a crippling fear. What if I never heal from this? Yet the blood, flowing from your own body, reminds you that you are a woman. Strong. Yield to the pain that connects you to your past. Re-living painful experiences, never have you screamed so LOUD. Anger? It’s your right. Trust me… you are more than ok. Soon you will see the colour green, soft and gentle, that speaks of growth. It will touch your soul, allow you to grow and be all that you are. Is this what it feels like to be human? Me too.

The Universe, 2012Acrylic Paint on CanvasL45cm x W35cm