December 30, 2018

How do you find delight in the everyday?

Rosie Williamson


I travel past countryside and fields on my commute to work, I watch the surroundings morph from rural to urban as I approach the city where my desk job looms in front of me. There is one leg of my journey which I always look forward to as I sometimes spot some deer, grazing in the field just up from the road. Sometimes one solitary deer, often an entire family, their delicate little legs and big ears silhouetted in the morning sun always fills me with delight. I search for them, and look forward to seeing them. If they are not there, I look forward to the next time I see them. It realigns my focus and makes me feel extremely grateful to be able to see and experience the natural beauty of the world around me. No matter how I might be feeling, when I look at these wild animals, my mood is lifted and I am present. I would like to encourage other people to find little bits of delight in their everyday. To live in the moment, for me, is to truly be alive. How do you find delight in the everyday? Sometimes you simply need to look, sometimes you need to search for it. In finding delight, I now search for it and find it more and more.”
The process of glasswork can be laborious, time consuming and difficult physically and mentally which relates to the grind of everyday modern life. Reward comes from seeing the process through to the end and having something to show for it. Unlike the ever growing digital world that we find ourselves wired in to, glass work is solitary, practical and tangible relying only on your materials, your tools, your hands and your ideas.


The panel is 12 by 17 inches, I have used traditional stained glass, vitreous enamel glass paints, lead came, solder and leaded light cement in its construction. I selected a palette of mainly transparent glass to capture transmitted light but also included some semi opalescent pieces to reflect light back to the viewer. To create some refraction, pieces of textured and iridised glass has been used. Similar to my journey to work each day the panel reflects seasonal colours and will change with varying light conditions and viewing angles. Something a little different will appear or catch the eye each time the panel is viewed – you simply need to look to find delight!

instagram: @_madeofstarrs