January 31, 2020

How do you find a way to live when the sea is about to swallow the land?

Caro Overy

AudioThe Scientist & The Siren, 2019

The Scientist & The Siren is an original fantasy folktale told through words, song and sound. A marine scientist meets a mermaid on the edge of the land and the sea at a time when the two are getting ever closer. Exploring where dreams blur with reality, where humans become superhuman, and where breath turns into time, we follow the scientist and the siren on an interweaving journey on the edge towards the end of home as we know it. The piece explores the human response to environmental change and relationships with nature, and the lengths one person will go to to live rather than just survive. It is set in a climate changed world where humanity continues, but the dramatic geopolitical changes that have happened have led to a loss of connection and community between people. Through her meetings with a mermaid, the scientist finds a different way out. In its present form, the work is a podcast style audio story that I am currently working to develop into a live show.