March 31, 2019

How do you democratise creativity for good?

Fabio Bernardo Silva, 28

Boom Saloon explores how we can democratise creativity for good. We showcase talent from a broad range of environments and creative genres, removing the complex barriers of education, reputation and status too often associated with artistic endeavours whilst increasing diversity of contribution and mobilising talent from all backgrounds and walks of life. We collaborate with a range of creatives including students and those who have never before been published; pushing to create opportunity for many who feel somewhat ostracised from the creative industries. We champion their work alongside that of the industry experts and thought leaders, providing an equal space on the global stage.

Our experience has ensured we fully understand the pressing need to increase diversity within the creative industries whilst removing the often prohibitive barriers placed in front of many aspiring creatives. At Boom Saloon, we address many well documented concerns within the industry, working to create, strengthen and sustain a richer, more diverse and inclusive creative ecosystem. We create opportunity for all, nurturing creative talents too often overlooked or undermined whilst enabling a diverse range of voices to be heard across various platforms and mediums – something we see as vital for the progression of creativity as a whole.


Boom Saloon 004: Perspective
print magazine

(Have consented to work being shared, but not their ages)
Shawn Tang
Amy Pugsley
Egle Kisieliute
Donald Urquhart
Marcela Ferri
Daveion Thompson
Casiano R. Hamer
Mikayla Gamble
Joao Farkas
Chloe Rosser
Lee Ivett
Ross Fraser McLean
Emily Millichip
Natalia Poniatowska
Julia Symons
Chiara Zonca
Matthew Craven
Rachel Byrne
Tamsin Green
Anne Gutteridge
John Hall
Joseph Whales
Drew Bienemann
Bradford Wainwright

Boom Saloon is the print magazine democratising creativity for good. We use the power of print to create a beautiful publication which feeds into an ongoing series of community led projects. Our fourth and most recent issue explores the theme of ‘perspective’ by way of an exciting whirlwind of contributions from incredible talents around the world. Joao Farkas takes our cover with the boldest image we’ve fronted to date – punchy, vibrant and utterly unexpected, it marks the evolution of our publication. Chloe Rosser’s arresting “Form & Function” offers up an all new perspective of our experience within our own skin, whilst Shawn Tang’s sumptuously beautiful take on travels through India is a sheer delight to lay eyes upon. Closer to home, Baxendale Studio’s Lee Ivett discusses the fear of agency within today’s society in “Other People’s Dreams,” a forceful examination of our current approach to contested space. “Bodies of Work” by Julia Symons picks apart the ethics surrounding the use of biological material in art, whilst Tamsin Green looks to a much more everyday material in “Born of the Purest Parents” – an in depth exploration of human’s relationship to salt.