August 9, 2019

How do you define a place and people without using statistics or measurements?

Nicholas Brodie, 28

My art practice is about entering into a quiet conversation between myself, Dundee and it’s people. My work attempts to overcome the limitations of more traditional scientific methods of measuring a place, such as birth and mortality rates and the price of property. These narrow constructs of what defines a city are inadequate in distinguishing one place from another. Instead, my work is based on an alternative idea; that an imaginative process is needed to reveal a much greater understanding of the identity of a place and people.

2 out of 3 of the photographs I have submitted were shot in one of the only textile businesses still operating in Dundee. The last photograph in series shows a print of the second image on the wall of an old jute textile factory in the city. Overall the series of photographs represents my careful documentation of present day Dundee and then my response to the city through integrating my artwork onto its walls.

Danny, Waxed Cotton and Guthrie Street, 2019Digital Photography3 images 841 x 1189 mm each in size