February 14, 2020

How do you cope?

Tom Vevers

PoetryHow do you cope?, 2020

How do you cope? It’s a question that’s been asked to me and it’s a question I have asked, more often than not, with no answer. The world moves so quickly nowadays that it can be hard to know how people get on with things. People are getting worse at taking time for themselves. Coping strategies have become vices and emotions get buried down deep. Suicides amongst young men are on the rise. I have struggled with depression for several years now and made three attempts on my life. I am numb. I am indifferent. In a world that’s so connected these days, how do you cope when you feel so disconnected? From yourself, from your friends, from your emotions. I write poetry. I write poems that are “moment poems”; cathartic outbursts that help me to process emotions that I’m wrestling with and try to understand them. Young men in particular, find it difficult to talk about their problems or their emotions and some find it even more difficult when depressed and left numb, unsure what you even feel. I hope these poems help some to process through their emotion through empathy and I hope they provide catharsis for many.