May 5, 2020

How do you connect to the wild of the natural world and how do you connect to the wild within in you?

Laura Davis, 31

I research ways of being and connection to nature through folk tales, songs and traditions. I experience building community through singing groups, working in a Steiner community and living in a housing co-op. I experience connection to nature through gardening, herbal remedies and facilitating gardening with adults with learning disabilities. I create work based on valuing each individual within community and connection to nature. My work shows me visually what I want in the world. I can then bring the reality into my life and my images. These ideas matter exponentially because we are living in a global crisis of climate change. My work shows what we are losing and how we could live. It shows the value of simplicity and an inclusive community of all plant, animal and insect species. My work gives access to longing for what could be and what has been. It gives space for dreaming and discussion towards action. It is hand made using traditional printing techniques. My work communicates on many levels of story and character that demonstrate the multiple values present. It can move people to access their desires for connection, community and reconnection to the natural world.

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