January 8, 2020

How do you come to terms with the idea of loss?

Deane J. Leith

Oil and Cotton on Wood‘I Dream of you Passing’, 201970 x 85 cm

The entirety of my practice revolves around relationships, what they mean to us and why we form them. This piece of work looks at the death of a loved one, what it feels like to lose them, and how you come to terms with it. My work often stems from a memory, for me this is a personal work, but one every human being will have to experience. ‘A woman lies in a bath, a vessel, a tomb. But more than anything a place to rest, she dissolves into an icy blue sense of melancholy. The bath like a copper pot boils my feelings, they rise like steam but cannot disperse the shiver consuming the room. I’ve seen you try to ponder your own life, maybe it’s better this way? to let you go instead of stopping you. An odd feeling of comfort takes a hold of me like a cool breeze during a morning walk. I’m at peace with you, with myself, with what I have left of you.’