September 4, 2018

How do we visualise the process of memory?

Shae Myles


‘Six-eight-nine’ explores the idea of memory, how we capture & store these memories, and how reliable this process is. Enquiring into the often generic nature of a family album, without losing sight of the emotions which are non-transferable, and are inevitably attached to the people, the words and memories found in such a personal archive. The work looks to the manipulation of memories to question their abstract, fallible, interchangeable nature, with a domestic approach, as the imagery, which resemble clothing hanging out to air are displayed on a wooden clothes horse. By attempting to expose what is buried beneath the banal, I intend to capture what otherwise may be missed, investigating the potentially lost craft of physical documentation of family life.

Materials used: Collaged screeprints/risograph prints sewn together on found materials, displayed on a wooden clothes horse. Measurements: 60cm x 50cm x 145cm