January 21, 2022

How Do We Support and See the Life of the Planet We Live on?

Magdalena Choluj

Pen and InkBotanical Drawings, 2021

I’m an independent botanical artist based in Stromness, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, working under the name – Inkloof. I work predominantly with pencil and ink. The idea of Inkloof studio has roots in my life-long interest in wildlife, nature, fauna and flora. As a horticulturist and professional florist for many years, I have had an opportunity to design, create and teach about flowers. In my botanical illustrations I aim to capture the complexity of plants with the simplicity of lines. I’m interested in documenting the living floral species, focusing on their historical, medicinal, cultural, traditional background, and their current ways of adaptation to the environmental changes, especially across the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

In my new 2022/2023 project ‘A place for the living’ I will look into the relationships between humans and plants, the potential conflict between native and non-native species and how these relationships influence our perception of their presence. The project will further explore our obligations towards plants and showcase the ways of seeing the living species by presenting artwork created with the traditional printmaking techniques, including etching, woodcut prints, as well as botanical ink drawings and a collection of pressed specimens (where possible and applicable).