November 9, 2020

How do we stay creatively simulated whilst everything has slowed down?

Benjamin Boswell

MusicSICKLICAL, 2020Field recording, found sound

My grandpa passed away in March, just before the country went into lockdown. A few months later my grandma passed away as well. I went home to spend lockdown with my parents, both of whom were grieving a parent of their own. These months spent indoors were saturated in grief, anxiety and frustrated boredom. Being stuck indoors surrounded by sadness led me to dwell on happier, freer times. This inspired me to compose a piece of music constructed from sounds recorded around the house – the washing machine, a dictionary thudding on a table, etc – to reflect the intense and monotonous domesticity of lockdown life. I also included field recordings from a trip I took the previous Summer to Toulouse – dogs barking, cars driving – to juxtapose my current sense of claustrophobic stagnation with the carefree feelings I had before. The piece that emerged is entitled, ‘SICKLICAL’ and articulates how Summer 2020 felt for me. I am interested in exploring further how we can draw artistic stimulation from socially distanced and mundane times to continue creating in spite of the current setbacks.