This piece is inspired by recent conversations between my mother and grandmother, who has vascular dementia.

The central character is confused, unsure of her reality and is, for want of a better word, lost. In the post-covid 19 world, we are all adjusting to a new ‘normal’, and the rules of our reality are constantly in flux.

For people with an already tenuous grip on reality, who are suddenly separated from familiar faces, only spoken to through screens or face masks and often spending weeks in total isolation, this new normal is particularly frightening.

The first person narrative was purposefully chosen as I attempted to understand how reality might have seemed to those with dementia whilst attempting to access the world around them, and how impactful the pandemic has been for them, now that these anchors to reality have been removed.

I would hope the piece depicts the importance of family people diagnosed with such illnesses, and promotes the need for empathy for all who cannot be there to bring their loved ones home.