Short StoryLuca and Maria, 2022

This piece is informed by my own experiences concerning sick relatives and the grief that results. I wanted to illustrate the different ways people cope with traumatic life events, be that running away from them or accepting them head on. The process of writing the piece allowed me to explore this more fully, playing the differing coping methods against each other. I believe it is always beneficial to have honest discussions about the realities of life, and how they make us feel.

I feel my characters are sympathetic, despite being flawed, which is congruent with the realities of human behaviour. The style of my piece is mostly devoid of descriptive and actual details. I did this to create a greater sense of immersion for the readers to imprint their own experiences upon, as well as to keep them intrigued to discover what sparse information there is.

I wanted to illustrate in prose my own experiences with memory and perception. I find that often, when we look back on the big moments of our life, it isn’t the minutiae we remember, but the emotions. I hope this piece will be thought-provoking and haunting, whilst still being hopeful and moving.