Experimental Film'Norrie' : The Memory Of A Man And His Shed, 2021

During lockdown we have all been made more aware of our relationship to the spaces we and others inhabit. How much of who we are can be reflected in our surroundings? All which will be left behind to be recontextualized without our presence. My experimental film ‘Norrie’ explores the relationship between my downstairs neighbor and the shed in our shared garden. My film was made under the restrictions of lockdown, using the format to focus on creating a sense of place. I developed the medium I was using, as my understanding of the narrative developed. Combing live footage, stop motion, hand drawn animations and collage with a variety of editing techniques to create an experimental visual language which reflects the unreliability and crafted nature of the memory-based narratives. Highlights the vagueness of memory and how we use storytelling and locations as a method to make sense of events that have already passed. This is emphasized by the soundtrack, also recorded at the filming location, entirely within lockdown, which drifts in and out featuring the natural sounds of the garden interspersed with conversations about the man who owned the shed and the impression he left behind.