January 31, 2020

How do we reconnect with ourselves after trauma?

Bee Asha Singh Landa, 27

Running from an emotionally abusive relationship, I flew to Thailand to drink, eat and fuck myself into oblivion. Wanting to escape the pull of the boy waiting for me at home I grasped every opportunity to assert my independence. A night of ‘Woo!’ girling around Pai found me and my gals the last dribble of liquor left standing at the bar, individually copping off. The beautiful almond eyed bar man grabs me from across the counter and kisses me passionately then invites me to eat noodles with him. We drive and eat. Then later I am in his room and he fucks me. I had asked him to stop but he was vacant, as I then was. Oblivion. How to we begin to reconnect with our bodies once they have been taken from us? I think that the more visceral and honest we are with all matters in life, opening up these taboo conversations, will make people more aware of the consequences of their actions. And therefore, perhaps can create an essential change in society. Stopping the doers from doing and easing the weight of the done upon.

Midden, 2018