May 24, 2020

How do we properly deal with Grief?

John Nicholson | Grant Scullion, 21 | Martin Pollock, 21 | Gregor Stirling, 21

FilmBròn, 2020

Many people deal with Grief in different ways. It can often be dealt with in the wrong way and as a result the individual can suffer long term mental health issues and worse. Bròn covers the themes of the long term lasting effects that grief can have when you choose to not open up or talk about issues. It can divide families as well as leave the victim isolating himself from social interaction. In today’s society more people than ever are suffering from issues such as grief that have them isolating at home and rarely coming out for social interaction. Not only this, but the effects can be far worse in the Western Isles where there is far less people to interact with. Bròn also highlights the importance of family, and how no matter what you can rely on them if you simply put faith in them.