January 30, 2022

How Do We Process Grief in Relation to Place and Time?

Dana Leslie

Print, Performance, Photography, Video and AudioMemory Box, 2021

Memory Box (2021) is a multidisciplinary digital project encompassing print, performance, photography, video, and audio. The interactive work documents and interprets members of my community’s memories of their past relationships. Research for the project was conducted through surveys and interviews, with the goal to have a physical archive of real, preserved stories of letting go, goodbyes, and moving on. There is a beginning and end to the digital piece but no linear narrative in between, instead, linocut prints act as mementos and the stages progress through the documentation of three ephemeral performances titled: //place//body//wash, that viewers of the project can navigate and explore at their own pace.

Made during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Memory Box instigated connection and reflection in a time of uncertainty and isolation for many in my local community and allowed me to understand what I was experiencing through those around me. 52 locations, 18 interviews, 13 body parts, 10 linocuts, 3 video pieces, and 1 cat all feature in this project exploring how we store memories in relation to place and time, and ultimately, how we all process grief differently. Thank you to those who shared their stories. (FOR-SUBMISSION-AND-JUDGES-ONLY:VIDEO/AUDIO-OPTION-SAYS-IT-MUST-BE-YOUTUBE/VIMEO/SOUNDCLOUD-LINK-BUT-AS-MY-PROJECT-IS-A-DIGITAL-INTERACTIVE-PIECE-IT-IS-UNABLE-TO-BE-UPLOADED-TO-YOUTUBE TO-VIEW-PLEASE-GO-TO: https://www.false-start.com/Memory-Box/ SORRY-AND-THANK-YOU)