April 27, 2021

How Do We Navigate Our Way Through Grief And Why Does This Matter?

Lara Williams

FictionAdrift, 2021

Grief is the most challenging, all-consuming and poignant emotion we as humans must face. More than love, grief transforms us by eroding the bedrock of our emotional life and taking away the elements that keep us stable. Our communication depends on our ability to connect with inner workings and explore the nuances of why we feel the way we do. When we grieve we misunderstand what these nuances are telling us; in order to survive our brain creates anger and denial to fill the space the loss leaves behind. So how do we navigate our way through something that fundamentally changes how we see the world and relate to those around us? We are not the only one contending with a life that has been forever changed but maintaining connections to those that remain is a reminder of what is gone. And can we ever really move on from anger? Perhaps we need anger to put one foot after the other, to keep moving, to strike out for distant shores that are invisible right until our boat is pushing up onto the bank.