August 23, 2020

How do we move on from our crimes and mistakes?

Gleb Daniels

Script for filmNobody, Everybody, Some Body, 2020Feature Length

This is my first feature-length script, made in very short notice for my masters course, but please – don’t be afraid to tear it up apart with criticisms, or else I won’t know what to improve upon. The message of the story evolved from one to another over the course of writing, but one theme always remained true, and I believe became the central point of almost every character – how do we move on after say, selling drugs, or neglecting our children, or something else? We’ve all done terrible things, regrets, but this script is meant to take things to the absolute extreme with different reactions, perspectives and how people relate to one another in such context. The script is inspired by films such as Old Boy (2003), Reservoir Dogs (1992), Snatch (2000) and Chinatown (1974). All somehow connected to crime, all tragic in nature. It’s under 15,000 words, if you do not wish to read it or get bored of it – don’t hesitate to toss it away. I understand you are busy with other things. And thank you.