Experimental film and soundscape2019

How do we mother? How do we pass from (Mother) to m(Other)? Through experimental film and minimalist soundscape, this short piece explores the corporeal and the sublime, material space and integrated movement in its invitation for us to reconsider the ways we mother ourselves and each other. As our expectations of what a mother can be continue to shift and expand beyond limiting heteronormative paradigms, we can begin to engage with mothering as an energy liberated from fixed categorisation, and thus allow for new modes of expressing empathy and compassion – the mother tongue of the psyche.

Inspired by Patricia Crittenden’s dynamic-maturational model, which suggests that newborn infants can intuitively pick up on body language cues from their primary caregiver, and respond appropriately, the film explores the subject’s body in a visual language that is both inquisitive and intimate. Who is mothering whom? Do we seek to mother ourselves? Again, how do we mother? Is it through looking? Observing? Listening? Touching? Loving? Teaching? Challenging? Nurturing? Blessing? Facilitating? Believing? Assisted by an organically fluid and minimalist soundscape by Michiel Turner, the film invites the spectator to observe fully-embodied ‘mothered’ immersion, in the hope that a revised awareness of how we mother can disseminate loving re-engagement.