July 31, 2019

How do we manipulate the natural world?

Tom Faber, 25

‘Landscape No. 3’ looks at what it means to construct an image of the natural environment.

I made the picture by scanning organic materials – soil, leaves, animal marks – and then reformulating these digitally into an image.

Using this process was a bit like how a scientist can extract samples from the ground, and use them to test or even clone organic life. But as an artist, I also view this type of act as quasi-mythical, and I reference mythical worlds to explore these themes.

The ability of humans to edit the natural world has reached an unimaginable scale – we manipulate and rebuild organic life endlessly. I used digital tools to imitate this strange process, and to think about its problems; how interfering with the soil, structure, and composition of the natural world causes unpredictable results.

By repurposing organic material in a digital image, ‘Landscape No. 3’ explores how the natural world is now subject to the glitches, distortion and fragmentation of the digital sphere.

Landscape No. 3, 2019Pigment Print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper92x67cm