February 2, 2021

How Do We Live In The Ruins We Have Made?

Iain Clark

Collage And Acrylic On CanvasInside Out, 2021

We are facing an increasingly hostile global situation of our own making, be it the catastrophic consequences of climate change or the unstoppable deadly spread of the pandemic. As an individual you can feel helpless and overwhelmed. We are compelled to stay at home to protect ourselves and to protect others. The ‘outside’ has become dangerous and threatening and yet it seems to retain the colours and rhythms it has always had. Birds sing and gardens grow (at least where I live). And yet, around the world it is sliding out of kilter and out of focus. The ‘inside’ is supposed to be a place of safety and refuge keeping the storm and disease at a distance. However, because we are not free to come and go as we please, our homes have become prisons where we turn inwards. We are warned about a rising mental health crisis for ourselves and our children. And yet the gardens do grow and the birds keep singing. Nature can heal and renew itself if we give it a chance (look at Chernobyl). Our future is dependent on this. We have to restore colour, rhythm and balance in our heads and around the planet.