June 16, 2021

How Do We Judge or Value Art Works?

Jane Larner

Oil Paint, Acrylic, Written WordThe Menda City Art Gallery, 2021

How do we value or like art? Do we just see something and instantly know, or do we look closer if we are told something is by someone really famous and is critically acclaimed. Does knowing who painted a picture matter? Does being told what an artwork is about affect how we view a work of art? If a work of art is pricey, do we value it more than something which is cheap? Does it affect how we judge art if we are told the artist is young (or old), male or female, from Italy, or Sweden, or Scotland? The Menda City Art Galley (“mendacity”) is a fictional gallery with fictional artists. The paintings are real (all by me), but are grouped according to the art style of the fictional artist. Who do you like best – Guido, Hamish, Beth, Edith, Jussi? See The Menda City Gallery on Facebook and see if learning about the artists and each of the works affects how you view the art works.