January 16, 2020

How do we grieve what we have not lost?

Laila Noble, 31

This play is the culmination of a year spent trying to grieve something I have not yet lost, but I will never have again. Dementia is a living death that many of us know the pain of first hand. My grandfather is in the earlier stages of this journey and each day brings new challenges. There seems no rhyme or reason to what slips away and what is retained but there is joy, happiness and enduring love in what remains, despite the cruelty of the disease. I am learning to grieve my loss in transit, watching my mother struggle with the same, and we tread this new path daily, working out how to let go without giving up. It is not easy to cherish the light and sun filled moments when you are waiting for darkness, but it is important our grief does not eclipse the life that is left. It is important we give the gift of dignity, care and connection and do not condemn our loved ones to the deep because we are busy drowning in our losses.

Y Dyn Yn Y Llong Danfor - The Man in the Submarine, 2019Play Script