Oils On WoodHow Do We Get Out When Even The Outside Is Burning?, 202116'' x 19.5''

Self-representation through food and drink signals indulgence and escapism, reliance on a vice in order to workshop the chaos of a domesticated setting. This domesticated setting communicates feelings of anxiety and disorder, feeling trapped within a familiar and, at first glance, welcoming and homey context. Unsettling feelings within my home and the realisation that they exist have been amplified by confinement due to lockdown. Yet I then understood they were always there – except buried by distraction. The chasing of such distraction is so important to me that I start to climb walls. Levitating pasta (i.e. you or me) defies the laws of gravity – madness can be so overwhelming that it goes against these laws. This extends to the idea of how important it is to recognize and explore the commonality of deep unrest in a home. The surface used is a salvaged door of a cupboard, possibly from a home also. Only one hinge is attached – the other is unhinged. Unhinged and anxious, not knowing where to belong. This year has been the year of unrest within a home as well as outside of it – how do we get out when even the ‘out’ is crumbling?