December 5, 2019

How do we form trust?

Victoria Brown

Discrimen, 2019

‘Discrimen’ is a story based on personal experiences. I wanted to explore issues of treatment of animals and over-confidence, which I have seen time and again. This has long been a passionate interest of mine ,which has little practical musings in both film and literature. I wanted to explore how trust is formed. What happens when you can’t trust someone’s child? What happens when there is a lack of trust in a relationship? I want the reader to empathise with the first-person narrator and feel their anxieties. I want this story to add perspective to customary behaviours of children interacting with animals and for others to understand the uncanny trust between both. Either party can endanger the other without a trusting relationship. It is important for understanding and respect to be reached or there may be dire consequences for everyone involved.