September 8, 2021

How Do We End Sexual Violence?

Georgia Maxwell

PoetryReal Villain, 2021

In 2021 a UN Women survey revealed that 97% of young women had experienced sexual harassment in public. A statistic that marks what can rightfully be described as an epidemic of sexual violence. A statistic that shows we all know someone with a story. But no one seems to know the answer to this problem. How do we put an end to sexual violence? How do we make the streets safe for these young women? My work explores some of the proposed solutions. Instruction that only poses to unveil how entrenched rape culture is. Where do we point the finger when someone lays a finger. Again and again, the onus seems to fall on women. How do we stop sexual violence? The answer to my question may be simpler than it first appears. But it’s something that is consistently ignored, deliberately avoided, or danced around. Women are burdened with the responsibility to solve man’s problems. 97% of women have stories, 100% of men have work to do.