April 12, 2019

How do we define ourselves?

Lilie Bauer, 17

My entry explores the different ways that we attempt to identify ourselves, from our physical features to our vaguest silhouettes, or from our contentedly over-spilling baby fat to the intricate pores we over-analyse as we get older. It could be the passions we chase versus the times we hold back in anxiety. Maybe we are just works of art, permanent, disposable, or untraceable. Our identities could, on the other hand, simply be rooted within our family trees. Ultimately, we tend to over-analyse who we are compared to the way that we easily identify material objects and then move on. Nobody cares what it was like when the first “brick” of a “skyscraper” was placed, but somehow most (if not all of us) are desperate to learn our own origin stories, to know ourselves entirely from our foundations upwards. We watch our own bricks melt into “sludge” when we frantically attempt to define our personal structures as simply as we would define the structure of any physical object, and this is because humans are uniquely complex.


Sludge Brick

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