November 8, 2019

How do we dance in a world no-one knows?

Nathan Price, 19

From birth, having lived in a rural setting, I was encouraged to play and explore in an environment where the natural and farmed landscapes are more prevalent than the industrial, constructed environments. Being nurtured within this setting, but not exclusively, has given me an affinity for both; the former being the familiar, comfortable and ever stimulating and the latter being the explorative and often new.

A common stimulatory factor for my creative practice is to partake in solo dérives, where isolation and exploration is meditative, intuitive and ‘flow state’ inducing – where holistic engagement dissolves time and physical effort into a newly imaginative and euphoric experience.

My recent work explores the capability and potential of the imagination through doodling, automatic drawing and writing, and the manipulation of found objects, to bring forth the abstracts of the mind. Embracing individuality, overcoming destructive thoughts that arise from society, education, and personal doubt, and being consciously aware of the impermanence of life, let me explore permutations without becoming obsessively attached and caught up in perfection and the final result. Instead my work dynamically flows through experiments, constantly changing and evolving but never concluding. I emphasise on the importance of fully enjoying the process.

You Dance In a World No-One Knows., 2019Found Materials, Chicken Wire and Plaster, Spray Paint, Pens, Pencils, Pastels, Chalk, Paper, Acrylic Paint