January 8, 2020

How Do We Create Light in the Darkness?

Elizabeth Hampson, 24

I took this photo many years ago at a July 4th party in the States. It resonated with me then, but now it resonates even more so every time I look at it. For these fireworks, the fuses are wrapped around each other and then lit as one unit. The user determines how many she wishes to put together as a whole. Today, the world is in turmoil and I constantly wonder how a small light of one person like me can even compete with the horror and sadness around me. The answer lies in entwining ourselves with others worldwide and letting our sparks fly into the night. This is not a new concept, but as wars and natural disasters loom, it’s important to remind ourselves that even four small fireworks can banish the darkness for a while.

Aflame, 2012Photography