January 30, 2019

How do we control and eradicate neglected tropical diseases?

Lauren Carruthers


My writing explores the research of my lab group and the Ugandan Ministry of Health whom we collaborate with, on the neglected tropical disease schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis is the second biggest parasitic disease in terms of morbidity and mortality after malaria. My writing discusses the significance of schistosomiasis and why more research is required to control it using the community of Bugoto, one of our fieldwork locations in Uganda, as an example. The blog also goes through different techniques and approaches highlighting the importance of collaboration and drawing in knowledge from across different disciplines such as biology, engineering and social science to achieve a common goal: to control and one eradicate schistosomiasis, and ultimately improve quality of life. The work reinforces the idea that studying many aspects of a disease and incorporating community lifestyle into a study may be important for more efficient targeting of solutions to control the disease. Finally, communicating science to the general public to help them understand and engage in scientific research is an underlying theme throughout. If the general public are unable to appreciate and trust in research, they are unable to make informed decisions which is particularly important in science which relates to health.


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