January 26, 2022

How Do We Continue to Live in the Beautiful Ruin of Now?

Alex Neilson

VideoWhat’s Shouted in the Dark (the Dark Shouts Back), 2021

What’s Shouted In The Dark (The Dark Shouts Back) is a love song from a self-hater to himself. It’s a howl inside a hole and an ordinance survey map of the soul, marking the plot points for the Peak Districts of desire and the Lake Districts of shame of a self-in-crisis. This culturally-cannibalising cri de guerre pulls in references to Ovid, The Shangri-Las and Nick Lowe, collapsing distinctions between high and low art, as gnarly guitar solo’s soar over an oracular vocal and glass smashes like the trapdoor to your skull snapping open. Its underlying message is one of visceral bewilderment.

It’s saying that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed by the world. It’s ok to lose yourself in games of emotional hide-and-seek. It’s ok to look at the shattered fragments of your life coming out of lockdown and not quite figure out how they all fit together again. There is strength in uncertainty. There is a music to the sound of breaking dreams. There is an anthem for loneliness. And if you shout into the dark, the dark will shout back.