July 6, 2020

How do we connect with humanity in lockdown?

Laura Curtis-Moss, 33

Since lockdown began in Scotland I struggled to connect with the world – then I found an online community of artists and models. Every week we bare our souls and our bodies and are met only with love and acceptance. Through my practice I have reconnected with my own past, my own femininity, my body and my skills and connected with like-minded people I didn’t know existed online. This piece has been a labour of love, I have confronted and subverted the rules I learnt about printmaking, another lifetime ago when I traveled to Japan to learn. I have celebrated the human body and found confidence and security – both within myself and amongst others. In this piece Tilli reclines, exhausted by everything the world has thrown at her, secure and confident in the knowledge that she can face it, and that she won’t be facing it alone.

Tilli, reclining, 2020Japanese traditional woodblock print and linocut with embroidery on linen24cm x 45cm