October 1, 2019

How do we choose who we follow?

Melanie Bell, 39

The story plays with themes of mob mentality, ostracism and how society trains behaviour. I hope some of these ideas, while experienced through an unknown world, might remind us a little of our own world. The piece holds true to the roots of absurdism in that the characters can’t seem to learn from what is happening around them and therefore patterns simply get repeated, much like our own history.

Using absurdism as a means to expose truths about our time and behaviour excites me very much. Through the story, I would like to create a world in which all Participants, characters and readers alike, can make a choice about who and what to listen to. I am curious to see how people really want to communicate and how they allow communication to form their personal belief systems. I believe this idea is topical, and exploring it through a short story form is a little unexpected.

The Day of Gray is currently in development as a musical theatre piece. Words written by myself with music by my friend Gavin Whitworth. We are hoping to further explore these ideas through the medium of live performance.

The Day of Gray, 2017Short Story