December 17, 2019

How do we become who we are?

Liz Crichton

Audio and videoDedication,

This is a socially engaged artwork about being, belonging and becoming; about what influences and inspires us to develop into who we are. Based around one-to-one autobiographical interviews, the work encouraged people to share their story, with me, with each other, and with the wider community, so that in coming to a better understanding of ourselves, we can better become who we each are. Each person’s story was recorded, edited and compiled into themed audio tracks set in the landscape to create the Strathardle Pilgrimage Trail, an augmented reality walking and listening immersive experience that stimulates a sustained time-based and ordered engagement with other people’s stories prompting reflective thought about one’s own identity, whilst at the same time connecting, physically and metaphorically, the two churches which represent separate social groupings within the community. This work seeks to enhance our aesthetic appreciation of our relationships with others and with the natural world, better appreciating what we already have. Motivation came from my desire to enhance my own sense of identity and belonging, but this project also hopes to communicate something of our common humanity, challenging the perceived differences within the local society, helping to build a stronger sense of community.