October 22, 2019

How do we assess, ‘The Fragile Nature of Things’ ?

Steve Smith

PhotographyArtist: Brian Gorman, 2019

How do we assess, ‘The Fragile Nature of Things’

I was introduced to Brian through my Wife. He stood one day outside my home staring in through the main window to my living room. She was aware of him there and approached him to offer assistance of some kind. Little did she know he was harmlessly admiring a painting on our back wall and she invited him in. He was touched by her trusting nature and admired her tasteful purchase in respect of the artwork. He returned within days and gifted us one his own fine art abstracts, which we hung on our wall for several weeks. There was an oddity regards this encounter. Who was he, what was his story and there also seemed an absurdity in respect of our receipt of his gift. I looked forward to meeting him and thanking him personally and it was my intention to reciprocate his gesture with a photographic print from my archive.

Several months on and a friendship has established, a trust and mutual respect. Several paintings and photographs have changed hands and an agreed meeting over coffee was arranged to enable me to capture a portrait.