January 16, 2019

How do the stories we tell help us understand our own realities?

Sedona May, 21 | Edward Kondracki, 22 | Kieran Howe, 22 | Ruth Darling, 20

‘‘What Separates Us From The Beasts” comes from an old saying that my dad often told me when I was a young girl. The full phrase of his being “love is what separates us from the beasts”, which while it was often told to me in a reprimanding fashion after particularly bad squabbles with my siblings – the idea of it stuck with me for the rest of my life. It is from this phrase that I wanted to explore in this film how often, when we’re young, love is given in the form of the stories that we tell each other and how those stories affect our understanding of the world as we continue to grow. I wanted to discover in this film how telling stories to each other can create a sense of joy and wonder then I wished to delve into how telling these same stories to ourselves in times of need can act as a way of understanding and coping with something beyond our grasps


Film, digital
1920 × 804, 16:20