October 19, 2020

How do the online-poetics of Rupi Kaur promote decoloniality?

Laura Baliman

EssayRupi Kaur and the Poetics of Rehoming, 2020

Decoloniality continues to rise as a key value of today’s young people. Even seemingly progressive academic work on postcolonialism seems to ignore the sour truth that colonial forces still permeate society. Art has always served as one of the best ways to critique ideology, and Rupi Kaur’s visual poetry does exactly that to the colonial violence that still exists in our institutions and epistemology. Kaur is often criticised, or even ‘meme-ified’, but I think it is deeply important to consider how her work contributes to the project of decolonisation. It is vital that we decolonise our ways of thinking and our ways of viewing art, so that we experience a more complete and authentic version of the world, whilst also attempting to lessen the harmful effects of colonial ideology on our population.