December 31, 2018

How do the dimensions of light affect our desire to create?

Alexander Duthie


As a human race, we all have different capabilities in absorbing information, all of us have different capabilities of sight and how our brain processes what is before us. Is it possible that the way our eyes capture light affects the outcome of our work? Is it possible that different locations within the world transmit different light? If so, is this why artists constantly travel to discover the light in which their work will be reborn time again so the artist may live more than one life but many lives through their canvas. The different dimensions of light have tried to be described by physicists using quantum mechanics and string theory looking at width, height, depth as the first three main dimensions, time being the fourth. String theory’s additional 6 dimensions allows us to determine is there an environment which exists on earth that gives the supreme dimensions of light to capture inspiration to the canvas or is it solely the artists internal mechanics that determine this. As in ancient Greek and Roman time, does a genius exist in the walls of a studio and uses the artists as a vessel, if so how can an artist achieve greatness?


Titile: The Snow and The Storm