December 24, 2020

How Do Personal Experiences And Objects Define Belongingness And Familiarity In A Mundane Public/Private Space?

Simran Gupte

Reflective WritingPlenty, And Then Some, 2020

“Plenty, and then some” is an autoethnographic research description that focuses on questioning the value of inanimate objects in place-making.

As humans, we are known to be able to experience the same spatial environment differently.

On understanding the role of familiar objects and past experiences in developing the feeling of belongingness in a space, we can certainly achieve comfort in the most unsettling places.

Redefining normative and conventional placements of personal objects would mean expanded inclusivitity of experiences. Although this research takes a fairly dynamic position, it helps illustrate the reasons behind differences in spatial occupation, it highlights the values of culture, memories and experiences in place-making.

It ultimately helps to identify a variety of choreographies (and their motives) that a mundane private/public space offers.