March 27, 2020

How do people live in the spaces between controlled and the uncontrolled?

Fraser Morton

Multimedia DocumentaryA Life Electric, 2020

A Life Electric is a multimedia documentary exploring epilepsy experiences globally with the goal of bringing humankind’s most misunderstood brain condition out of the shadows through art and education.

The project draws upon a hybrid of multimedia techniques to connect people, communities and society to the “lives of epilepsy”. We enter epilepsy through doorways of personal experiences via interviews, letters, free-writing, biographical filmmaking, documentary techniques, abstract photography, typographical design, sound design, audio storytelling, digital media, print books, magazines and exhibitions to create a multimedia project accessible to all.

The A Life Electric project is personal for writer-director Fraser Morton, which started in his notebook, inspired by the life of his older brother, Blair. Since beginning the project in 2018, Fraser has held close to 100 interviews in person and over the phone. Along with his partner Eszter Papp, the pair have also collected a series of portraits, which will be displayed in photo exhibitions. The A Life Electric feature film is in development and book also coming soon in 2020.