June 30, 2021

How do music and exhaustion allow siblings to deconstruct their relationship from childhood to adulthood?

Holly Worton

Performance6687..., 2021

Do you remember when you were young? What music did you listen to? Who did you listen to it with? In 2002 my life changed and into the world came a human who I would grow to love. My brother, Sam. I was alive for 1342 days before he was born. I can remember none of these days. We have been alive together for 6687 days. If only we could remember each one. “6687…” is a collaboration and conversation between Holly Worton and Sam Worton about music and things they don’t talk about, which takes place on trampolines. They are all grown up now and they can’t quite believe it. This exhaustive performance shares something of Sam and Holly, past and present, as they attempt to deconstruct their relationship from childhood to adulthood and why they rely on music to have difficult conversations with each other. It explores their shifting dynamic as big sister and little brother in this ever-changing world.